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Spending Time With Culture

Alchemist turned eye admin and co-founder, Anne Q. Tran is focusing on arts in health. Envisioning an art space for emerging artists to exhibit and show work to those seeking as well as those providing care, Tran hosts a number of exhibitions, programs, and events infusing art and design into healing spaces.



Art Changes the Lens, So Everything We See Changes

Dr. Anne Q Tran is an American visual artist, entrepreneur, and a PharmD. (USC, 1992). Tran has over twenty plus years working in various healthcare industries and a penchant for mark making to calm the chaos of a demanding healthcare career. Tran paints in a unique style intuitively distilling emotions through color, shapes, and forms. Void of figurative, hard lines, nor representation. Tran’s gestural abstraction produces a wide range of works from bucolic reflections to vibrant responses to events in contemporary life.

Ongoing, Tran’s art explores universal themes in which she describes as sans frontier/ without borders exuding passion, color, joy rendered through gestural abstraction at the intersection of human experience, landscapes, and time.

In 2021, Tran launched Anne Q Tran Arts & Health with the goals of offering art viewing to those seeking as well as those providing healthcare.

She lives and works in Southern California.

American (B. Vietnam, 1967)

Fine Arts Studies - Parsons the New School | 1996

Pharm.D. - University of Southern California | 1992

Undergrad Studies - USC School of Letter, Arts, and Science | 1988

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